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Wellness & Weight Loss

Working as a nutrition and wellness consultant, I was frustrated by all of the marketing I had to do in order to attract clients.  I seemed to spend more time coming up with ads and creating giveaways and landing pages than actually coaching people.


I loved writing the articles and blog posts about nutrition and wellness practices for my weight loss clients, so I decided to make a change and focus on doing just that; writing. 

Once I began building my blog website, I realized that I missed coaching. I've had so much fun teaching and interacting with the people in my weight loss groups that I just couldn't give it up! 

So, here at Wellness & Weight Loss, I'm sharing what I know because I can't stand to see people give in to their aches and pains, and ever-expanding waistlines because they think it's part of growing older. And I'm offering my coaching services because sometimes even if we have the knowledge, we need a helping hand to put it to use.  


If you enjoy my blog and know someone you think might benefit from what I have to say, please pass it along. 


Word of mouth could allow me to use my time to put out content rather than spending it in marketing hell. And if something here has worked for you, please drop me an email and let me know! Thanks!!

About Me
Hi! I'm Cathy Sirois
I'm a certified nutrition & wellness consultant and my goal is to help people stay well as they age. Sickness and obesity are NOT symptoms of getting older.
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