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Small Group Weight Loss Coaching 

**Next Group Starts June 1st**
**Deadline to Register is May 22, 2020**

With the goal of weight loss in mind, we'll cover facts about processed foods and added sugars, macronutrient basics, and why your mother was right when she told you to eat your vegetables. You'll also learn about glucose and insulin, and other hormones.


We'll dive deep to discover what may be holding you back, discuss the best ways to fuel and recharge your body, and how to make and break habits. This information will help you make the best informed decisions to aid in your permanent weight loss without the need to count calories. 

The program will include some recipes in pdf format and an evaluation of 5 days of meals which you'll be asked to record prior to the start. All information will be covered in a private Facebook group.


**This is a 4-week online program and is limited to 10 participants.

What you should know:


Four weeks is not a lot of time so be prepared to put in some work. I'll need you to fill out a food, mood, and activity log for 5 days prior to our start date and I will ask you to walk for a half-hour Every Day.


This program runs through my online software program so you will need to have access to the internet daily. You'll receive lessons, use tracking tools, and get reminders to help you follow through.


To be successful, you'll need to carve out time in your schedule, participate in the group, and remember to have fun. You are welcome to ask any questions and even though it is a group program, everyone will receive individual attention based on their log.

*If you have a medical condition you may be asked to provide approval to participate from your physician. If approval is not granted, you will be refunded the program price.

Register for the March 30 Group
**Register by March 21st

Program Cost is $65

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